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Professional and affordable weekly lawn care services, keep your lawn healthy and green!
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st george lawn care services
If you’re looking for a professional company to maintain and upkeep your yard on a weekly basis, look no further. We are professional, reliable, on time, and we work hard to make your yard look top notch. Learn more…
lawn aeration st goerge utah
Aeration will break up the thatch layer, promoting water and oxygen transfer to the root system, and enhance the uptake of fertilizer. In the long run, Aeration will save water and provide drought protection for your lawn.
lawn dethatching st george utah
Heavy thatch can build up in your lawn from excess watering and too much nitrogen. On occasion thatch needs to be removed with a power rake to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to flow to the root system. Learn more…
lawn fertilizer company st george utah

The final ingredient in getting a green and lush lawn is using the right food for your lawn. We use a mix of spray and granular fertilization methods to treat your specific patch of turf. Learn more…

lawn overseed company st george ut
The secret that most golf pros use to get a thick lush lawn is directly tied to overseeding the lawn and allowing new growth to fill in the bares spots. Get your lush lawn started today!
lawn top dress company st george

In order to change the composition of your lawn, you’ll need to add material that will help add oxygen, nutrients, and water down where grass needs it, the roots! Learn more…

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Looking for weekly lawn care services? Our weekly services include mowing, trimming, and edging the lawn. Some properties need monthly pruning as well, we can adjust to your yard needs and budget. Call today! (435) 632-5824

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

We have the capacity to take on your commercial properties with our professional service and equipment. We are fast and efficient, and we can work when the time is right to avoid clients and tenants during the week.

Property Management and HOA service providers can put their mind at ease with our work ethic and timely service. We know that your contract and reputation are on the line, even more than ours. Call today! (435) 632-5824

Proudly serving: St George, Ivins, Santa Clara, Washington, Veyo, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Pine Valley, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Toquerville, Leeds, New Harmony, Virgin, Rockville, and Springdale.

Go Green Lawn Care Program

If you don’t need weekly maintenance, but want services that will boost the health and vitality of your lawn, we can customize a package that can include aeration, dethatching, fertilization, overseeding, and top dressing. Your lawn may not need all of these services, but with a short visit we can put together a plan to best service your turf. Call today! (435) 632-5824


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  • Bloomington (84790)
  • Desert Color (84790)
  • Washington (84780)
  • Hurricane (84737)
  • Virgin (84779)
  • Little Valley (84790)
  • Toquerville (84774)
  • La Verkin (84745)

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