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Lawn Fertilization

We offer more than just lawn fertilizer services, we provide your lawn with the needed nourishment to make it pop. Determining the fertilization needs for a lawn is a tough task, as every lawn has its specific needs depending on the grass type, quality of the soil and the growing conditions in the vicinity. But with our experience we make it look like child’s play.

We use both the granular fertilizer and spray fertilizer. The granular is a slow release lawn fertilizer and its last longer, while the spray absorbs quicker through the grass blade, but depletes faster as well. We use the best organic lawn fertilizers available in the market as well as other natural lawn fertilizers. Lawn fertilization is a year round process so we maintain your lawn according to a preplanned fertilization schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Fertilizer

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Knowing the right time to fertilize the lawn determines how effective the process would be. Certain factors, like the season and the grass condition are the key determinants of when best to fertilize the lawn.

With our experience over the years, we can easily determine whether it is best to carry out the fertilization process within a specific timeframe or not.

How Often Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

We fertilize between two to four times a year on most lawns, while some require up to six times a year. However the number of times we fertilize your lawn is mainly dependent on the growth condition in that vicinity as well as the soil structure around.