Wade Smith, Owner. (435) 632-5824

St George Lawn Care is a family owned and operated business. My name is Wade Smith and I would like to tell you my story.

At the age of 12 I went to my neighbors and asked if I could mow their lawns.  I had a small collection of neighbors where I did weekly mowing.  This went on for a while.  There was a break in time where I took on a paper route instead, fast forward to age 16.  I was asked by a young entrepreneur to take over his lawncare route while he traveled and provided community service for a number of years.  He serviced multiple homes and two McDonalds.  My service vehicle was a small ford pinto.  I folded up the handles of the mower and placed it in the trunk and off I went.  I traveled between Escondido Ca and Poway Ca for several years.  It was an empowering experience and transformed my idea of providing for myself.  

Fast forward another few years to 1992.  I was working for a large concrete placement company.  I found myself at a crossroad in life.  I had been married for two years and I had two children.  One child was weeks away from being born! I had to decide if working for someone was what I wanted or if I could choose another path for my life and career.  I chose another path.  I took my last check and purchased enough equipment to start a lawncare business.  Within the first month I had replaced my income I earned working my prior job.  I did trade work to purchase an old boat of a car.  It had a huge trunk.  It was this 4 door oldsmobile with a diesel engine.  Yep, I loaded my equipment in that old car trunk and went to work.  Back then we used pagers and pay phones to communicate with our clients.

Eventually I found, through a newspaper classified ad, a broken down chevy truck that was being sold for $200.00.  I talked the seller down in price and he laughed and said sure, you can have it at that price if you can start it.  Well, I started it and drove it home.  Eventually I rebuilt the engine using only a Chilton paper manual with no prior mechanical experience.   I then used the truck for several years. 

In the beginning I had a normal learning curve.  I had to learn as I went along.  I purchased many books on horticulture and began a life long study of horticulture and best practices.  I struggled with client retention in the beginning.  I learned from dedication and hard work how to properly service a property and retain customers by providing the quality of service my clients expected.

Eventually I enrolled in the local community college taking courses in landscape design, installation and maintenance.  Wonderful learning experience.  I also became a master gardener. 

Several years into my new career I applied for and earned a landscape contractors license.  My greatest accomplishment was being one of two landscape installers in Las Vegas who had no complaints filed against them for the time period I was licensed.  I took pride in customer service and offered a one year free replacement warranty which I honored.

I have experienced many seasonal changes in my lifetime.  I have learned to appreciate the growth cycles of each season.  Mother nature provides plenty of opportunity to nurture and enhance what she started by carefully planning and implementing practices that create and enhance landscapes, making them more aesthetic and beautiful. I am just as passionate about my work at the age of 56 as I was when I started in 1992.  My drive for quality work has not lessened but rather increased over time.  I am grateful for my career choice and the many things I have learned over the years and the blessings working as an entrepreneur has brought into my life.

Today I have multiple trucks, with trailers!  My two daughters work with me in the daily activities required to service our clients’ needs.  We are growing at a sustainable rate and invest in quality equipment, products, education and training to provide a healthy and well maintained landscape for our clientele.

Below is my cellular phone number please call or text.

(435) 632-5824