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Go from a patchy runway to a thick fairway! Lawn Overseeding fills in those patchy and thin areas for good!
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Lawn Overseeding Services

A well-kept lawn brings out the curb appeal of your home. Most people don’t realize that there’s a secret to achieving a lush lawn, and fortunately for you, we know what it is. We’ve learned from our experience working on golf courses and baseball fields, and overseeding is routinely part of their maintenance program.

There comes a time when your beautiful garden develops weak, thinning, patchy grass, bare spots, weed infestation, compacted soil, or even poor drainage. The best solution for you may be our overseeding services. When done right, by a pro, the process gives your seeds the best chance at germination and lasting through the seasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lawn Overseeding?

Simply put, overseeding is spreading grass seeds over an already existing, but thinning lawn. Your lawn may mature and develop bare spots faster when you use it often due to compaction of the soil. Fortunately for you, we can help return the appeal of your back/front yard by using our overseeding services. When done well, the process enhances the density of your lawn while also improving its color. Make your lawn once again appealing to the eye and thicker than ever!

Why Overseed Your Lawn?

As earlier mentioned, mature grass generally develops patches of bare spots, thinning, weed infestation and even poor drainage. In turn, this may cause it to look beat up and old. Thankfully, we can assist you by giving you the best solution for your thinning turf. Typically, our well-trained team will carefully overseed your lawn and finally make it get back its vigor and beauty without necessarily having to start from scratch.

When Should Overseeding Be Done on My Lawn?

Well, grass seed will need frequent rainfall and temperatures of between 50-65 degrees to germinate well. So, spring is always a favorite time to overseed, and most of our customers like to overseed in the fall. If you wait too long after spring, your lawn may be too tired and worn out by then and consequently increase the labor. As such, it’s recommended to call us immediately once you notice your lawn is thinning. Our primary purpose revolves around keeping your turf young and green throughout the year no matter the season.

How Do You Overseed?

We recommend cutting your lawn on a low setting, or we can provide this as well. We mow the lawn to the required length and remove any clippings. We all know that for the grass seeds to grow densely and perfectly, they will need to get exposed to some sunlight and moisture. We fill our spreaders with the appropriate amount of seed and then spread it over your lawn. We fill in any extra bare spots. Once that’s done, we recommend our top dress services to cover the seed in a thin layer of organic material to help shade and protect the seeds.

When Does My Lawn Need Aeration and Overseeding?

When your lawn stays for long without getting watered, it goes dormant and beat. Too much traffic causes compacted soil, and this will prevent root growth. It’s at this time that you’ll need to aerate and overseed your turf. Including aeration with the overseeding allows for the new root growth to penatrate compacted areas. Lucky for you, our lawn care services are just a call away. We combine these two efficient services; aerating and overseeding, and give back life to your almost dead grass. So, don’t fuss about your drying lawn. Simply get the right services and bring back the joy of your yard.