Sprinkler Repair Service

Service, repair, and trouble-shooting for all automatic sprinkler and drip landscape irrigation systems.
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Common Sprinkler Repairs

The most common sprinkler issues we deal with and fix are: sprinklers not covering the area they should be (dry spots), sprinkler heads are too low in the ground, clogged sprinkler heads, water line leaks, zones not working properly, control timers not responding, drip irrigation not dripping enough or too much.

Sprinkler components wear out or break over time. Nozzles, heads, valves and control timers will eventually need cleaning, adjustment, repair, or replacement. Your landscape can change over time and may require moving sprinkler lines and heads or adjustments to your zones etc. to water effectively and efficiently.

Why people hire us to repair their sprinklers?

You can take half day, all day, or a whole weekend watching YouTube videos to solve your sprinkler problems or you can just give us a call and we can save you all the time and hassle. Save yourself some time and money by getting the job done right. Life is short, go spend it with your loved ones 🙂

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